Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Monday October 26th, we will be having a fundraiser to benefit Ozark's Care to Learn program. I have mentioned before how important this cause is to me. Care To Learn provides immediate funding and action to meet any emergent health, hunger or hygiene issue a child might have; addressing a physical need, restoring respect, and getting that child back in the classroom. We also are participating in the backpack program which will send home backpacks stocked with snacks and easy to prepare meals for children who may not get meals outside of school.

So please join us at McAllisters in Nixa Monday October 26th from 5-9!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Request

WAAAAY back in the old days, I went to high school with Kasey White. Two years ago, through the wonders of myspace, I learned that he and his family had been dealt the devastating blow of a cancer diagnosis. Every parents nightmare...his beautiful daughter Megan had a six pound tumor that had basically swallowed her kidney. They headed straight to St. Jude where she fought the fight and came home cancer free. She is a beautiful and talented young lady that you may have seen or heard on TV or the radio.

They recently returned from St. Jude's after a routine scan (IF you can even call a scan to check your child's body for a life threatening illness routine) with "mixed reviews," as Kasey said. There is a spot on Megan's lung but her brain scans were clean. I am asking you ALL to add sweet Megan, her dad Kasey, her mom Kandice and her brother Danny to your prayer list. Lift them up and pray that God will heal her body. From what I understand, they are going to "wait and see" and then rescan her in six weeks. Please also pray that Megan's family can find peace and rest in our Father's arms.

We are such strong believers in the power of prayer. We see it work everyday and FEEL your prayers all the time. There is SO little I can do for this family so I wanted them to be covered in YOUR prayers. I know personally how comforting those prayers are. To follow Megan's journey click HERE for her caringbridge site. To fall in love with this sweet girl, go HERE to hear her story and watch the video below that aired at Thanksgiving time. (The same time she was on the Today show!!!) She has become quite the little star!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WIN Banquet

Last night I was honored to spend the evening in the company of so many strong and amazing women at the WIN banquet. (Women's Intersports Network) As I looked at the list I realized that I have been blessed to play basketball for THREE of these very women!

Courage Award
I have mentioned Trish Marsh on my blog before. I played AAU basketball for her in 8th grade. She has battled and BEAT breast cancer. Her speech touched us all as she talked about "bouncing back" from the blow she was dealt. She cried as she looked at her wonderful husband (the swiffer master) and her two beautiful children. She talked about her "chemo buddy" and I cried. She is blessed to have an amazing support system and I am so thankful for that.
Senior Sportsman Award
Coach Sue Schuble was my basketball and volleyball coach in high school. She retired a few years ago and is spending her retirement years volunteering ALL over the place! She has a passion and love for animals and nature that so far I have only seen in my OWN child! She has backpacked and camped in ALL 50+ of our National Parks. I was glad to see her and we set up a time that I can bring Claire to the zoo and get a "backstage pass" thanks to Schub!
And of COURSE we can't forget the Most Challenged Coach award! I didn't get a picture because I was too busy taking video! So here they are! My mom presented Steph and then Steph gave a speech that was SO very important! The mic was a little "hot" but hang in there, it's worth it!