Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

I regret that I have been away from my blogs for so long.  Life just keeps happening and the speed at which it happens, sometimes leaves me breathless!  I am pretty good at updating facebook because it is quick and usually only requires me to come up with one-liners.  One-liners, by the way, are my specialty.  Especially if they involve inappropriate humor.  I feel the need to do a little update.  The number one question I am asked is,  "How are Scot and the boys doing?"  I am so thankful that I always get to respond with, "They are doing GREAT!" 

Scot is busy busy with work.  He is loving his new job at Kickapoo.  When he isn't working, he spends every waking moment with the boys.  They started playing UNO in the evenings and from what I hear, it get's pretty heated!  It seems that Drew and Levi have their momma's competitive spirit.  They are living the life of bachelors in what has been dubbed by some, The Fraternity House. ;-)BUT, make NO's the cleanest fraternity house you've ever seen!! 

Drew is loving school.  He got an awesome teacher this year and is so blessed that his past two teachers have kept a very close eye on him.  They always check in and  make sure he is doing well.  This child has the best sense of humor.  Many say that he is a lot like me. Lucky kid. ;-)  He is thriving.

Levi is a tough little dude.  If he falls (read, BITES it big time) he will jump up and say, "Well that was fun!" Forget the blood pouring from his knee or elbow, he will NOT admit that it hurt! While he is very tough, he is a cuddle bug of the sweetest variety!!  He is animated and about as agile as they come.

The dynamic between the boys and my kids has changed drastically.  Drew is a man's man and wants to play war games with Cohen on the X-box, while Levi and Claire spend their time together drawing, playing and exploring.  It's fun to watch this unfold. 

The Lord has blessed us with some pretty amazing people throughout this.  Relationships have grown into things we never thought possible.  We live our lives so differently.  It is an honor to be doing His work and building His kingdom.   

Merry Christmas From the Phillips Boys!!

Our Gang. (Thanks Auntie Karen!!)

The Kickapoo Lady Chiefs in their new uniforms.  These will be worn each year for the Kickapoo Classic which was renamed this year, The Stephanie Phillips Classic.

See...we know how to party!