Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another First.

Thank you KY3 for covering the first Lady Chiefs game of the season so beautifully. Go HERE to see it.

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Lady Chiefs and their coaches who opened up with a win. You looked good and I know she was proud of ALL of you!!

It was strange to be there without her. It really hit me after the game when the boys were running around shooting baskets. She is supposed to come out of the locker room and they are supposed to run full speed yelling, "MOMMY!!!!!" Obviously, it was different. Last was, "PENDER!!!" I know that made her smile. You know what else I think made her smile? The fact that I looked down AFTER the interview with KY3 and noticed my zipper was undone. Awesome. I can hear her now..."You're such a dork." I miss that.