Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guest Post by Chrissy's Mom

29 years ago today.......

My children will immediately recognize the above sentence. The number changes every year but it is usually heard a multitude of times during the day of their birthday. So as I'm starting this post I'll have you know that I was 3 hours into my labor of my first born, Chrissy. You know.....that really funny, witty, god loving girl of mine that writes not 1 but 2 blogs ( &

This will not be posted until later so I'll be showing you our new pics we took tonight! We are so excited to be sharing our evening together along with some very special people. We are meeting for dinner at 6:30 and then on to see Jesus Christ Superstar!

I would love to give Chrissy the most amazing post ever because she is so deserving. But, as a Mom, I know that I'm very biased. To me she is everything I ever dreamed about my little girl being and becoming! How is it that my daughter is so bright, articulate, caring, giving, and absolutely gorgeous? I say over and over how blessed I am.....she is one example. Don't worry Jarad, you are another way that I have been blessed! The people that God has put in my life are truly my biggest blessings and I love to daily tell HIM thank you.

I have been able to spend today with her and have loved every minute. We started with spending the entire morning looking at houses with my wonderful son-in-law, Big Daddy! Are you supposed to like your in-laws so much? We love OURS! Big Daddy is on a mission to find a bigger love nest for his family. We ended up having lunch with Mr. Nanny,Cohen, Steph, & Big Daddy's Momma, Connie. Connie was house hunting with us or maybe I should say I was house hunting with THEM!

After lunch, we picked up Claire & Drew and headed to Coldstone Creamery for a little birthday celebration with the kids! Ice cream for ALL! Steph was even able to join us.

Which leads me to tonight.....
Chrissy & I had the most wonderful time meeting up with our friends Susan, Delphia, & Allie! Dinner was good, conversation was better! We then headed to see Jesus Christ Superstar...WOW!! The music was amazing! I especially loved when Susan leaned over and said, "Hey, after the show I have a question about Desperate Housewives". That is why I LOVE Susan, I laugh. Chrissy and I enjoyed our evening together, we enjoyed our time with the girls, and we are especially thankful to Big Daddy who held down the fort while she was away! Now I'm ready for our girls weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Always a day late and a dollar short.

I am, just ask the director of the preschool the kids go to. So on this 22nd day of April, I want to wish Scot Phillips a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Even if it was yesterday! First I will tell you a little story, then I will reveal his birthday gift.

Scot is wonderful. Let me give you an example. Last week Big Daddy (my husband) was working late so I found myself at Handy Nanny's house. Scot grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs for all of us. He fixed Drew and Levi's plate and got them situated before he ate his food. Simple gesture, but never unnoticed. He then cleaned up the entire mess while we all chatted in the living room. Upon completion of that task, he came in and grabbed Levi up and headed for the bathtub. Cohen wanted to go as well and he welcomed him with open arms! With the two little ones bathed and smelling delicious he got them dressed and started gathering up Drew and Levi's stuff. He wrangled them out the door and to the car.

And guess what....
this is totally normal!!

He does so much do make things easy for his dear wife.

His boys adore him.

He's a house cleaning, dinner cooking, bath giving, superhero playing, football coaching, NASCAR watching real life hero in my book.

For his birthday, I am giving him an official blogger nickname.
Happy Birthday

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can you use air conditioners in hell?

Let me explain. Last week someone stole the air conditioner at a certain little church around here that just happens to be very near to my heart. Note, I said little obviously it's not the church I attend, but it is very dear to me. Okay, I don't believe that stealing earns you a one way ticket on the highway to hell...but stealing from church makes me wonder about people. Really, you might as well just walk in and swish your hand around in the offering bucket!

I'm going to try to take the highroad here and say that I will pray for the individuals who stole the industrial sized air conditioning unit. I can't imagine being so desperate that I would think that stealing from a church sounded like a good idea. The sad thing is...I'm sure if they walked through those doors and expressed a need, the people in that church would do whatever it took to help them. However, I get the feeling that these people really know what they are doing and it's probably got more to do with greed rather than need. Jesus be with them.
I remembered that not EVERYONE looks at my blog. I'm actually very surprised at how many people DO! I wanted to post the slideshow I made of our Easter weekend. We had a fantastic weekend filled with family, friends and an amazing Easter service! God is so good!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

In a few weeks...

Steph, my mom and I are going to be here....

watching this...
for four nights.
Can you imagine how much fun we are going to have? I think it's just what the doctor ordered.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Wait...

Dr. Helen we adore thee.

Last week Steph and my mom went to meet with Dr. Helen to catch up. Not to be treated...just because Dr. Helen cares about Steph and wants to know how she is. As they were discussing the results they told her that the lymph nodes around her spine were still enlarged a bit. She nodded furiously and said, "YES, they will be! They will also continue to shrink along with the scar tissue. Radiation works for a very long time!" Did you catch that??? She said SCAR TISSUE WILL AND DOES SHRINK!!! This is great news! Steph and mom left feeling very encouraged and we are all looking forward to the next appointment in Houston. I BELIEVE that they are going to be scratching their heads and telling us that there is no medical explanation for this! Stay tuned...I have a little something special in the works. Have a wonderful week!