Monday, February 15, 2010

Benefit Concert

I got a note today from Laura from Younglife here in town. She had been in contact with me about a group of Christian artists that were coming through town. She decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to have a benefit concert for Steph. Thank you Laura for thinking of us!!!

WHAT: "Coach Phillips Benefit Concert"
WHEN: Wednesday, February 17th
WHERE: The Gillioz Theatre
TIME: Doors will open at 6:45. Concert will run from 7-9:30pm. It will cost $10 at the door (cash and check only).

The concession stand will be open. Artists will sell merchandise. The artists are Ryan Long, Jake Ousley, and Mark Wagner... The skinny Improv will do a special performance as well!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Morning Sports Report

Last night was absolutely amazing. From the opening prayer from Anthony Tolliver to seeing the joy on Drew's face as he smashed a pie in "Big Red's" face. The stands were FILLED with people there to support Steph. As I addressed the crowd before the game with a message from Steph, I ended up looking at the wall. I simply could not look into the crowd. Too many sweet faces. Too many people who would do ANYTHING to help. Kids packed into the student section like sardines. Family. Friends. Friends who have become family. Cancer survivors. Even Doug, who is on his 2 week leave from Afghanistan! I sobbed as someone paid $700 to throw a pie in the Principal's face. I cried as 3 WONDERFUL men bid against each other for the trips to Hilton Head and Belize. It was such an emotional night for us. Each dollar raised will make it that much easier for Steph to focus on the task at hand. Surviving and lovin' on her guys.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Silent Auction

The alumni game is tomorrow night at case you hadn't heard! What you may not know is that the silent auction that will be taking place until half time is going to be A.MAZ.ING!!! I was talking to Greta, a former player who is helping put this whole thing together, and she couldn't believe how many people have come forward and wanted to donate SO many great things! I'm just don't want to miss this!!! You also don't want to miss my spectacular performance on the court, so you better get there early. I don't think I will last long! I have been made aware of some little practice sessions that have been taking place among the faculty. This scares me. Not nearly as much as the thought of what I may look like in a uniform.
First let me start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to my wonderful mom! I wish I had a beautful heart felt post about how amazing she is...but I don't. My words aren't flowing as freely these past few days. Maybe it's the sinus infection, maybe it's the weather or maybe I'm just tired. But I am sure if you read this blog regularly or if you have the privilege to know my mom in person...I don't have to tell you how wonderful she is! She spent her 51st birthday in the car driving to Minnesota with Steph. On Friday Steph got a call from Mayo telling her that they could see her Monday morning! They tried to get a flight, but had no luck so they decided to leave on Saturday and drive. They were able to spend the entire weekend talking and catching up. They stayed Saturday night in Iowa somewhere and got up yesterday to head to Rochester. My mom enjoyed ALL of the text messages she got on her birthday as well as all of the messages on facebook! They were VERY close to running out of gas because they forgot to fill up when they left that morning! Right now they are probably waiting to see a doctor. She just wanted to get another opinion just to make sure she has covered all her bases. We DID get a little bit of good news from St. Louis. Dr. Fleshman is the surgeon she is seeing. He was "Listed in Best Doctors in America, 2002 - 2009," (Best Doctors, Inc). He feels confident that he can remove all of the visible cancer but radiation would be neccessary first. The radiation oncologist and the medical oncologist didn't seem to agree. They seem to think that the cancer will continue to flourish in other places while they radiate that area. However, after a lecture from....ahem....a discussion with Steph he is on board. Now we think he understands exactly WHO he is dealing with. She made him understand that she is NOT a statistic and she will NOT give up! They are currently putting together a plan of attack.

I also wanted to share a little something else. I woke up yesterday and felt terrible. I didn't mind getting out of bed, but I just wanted to stay home and drink coffee while I was warm and cozy by the fire. I knew it was Vis10n Sunday which meant we would be watching a video of what our church had done over the last year and talk about our goal for this year. I KNEW I would love it, I always do...but I just didn't want to go. Thankfully, my wonderful husband encouraged me to get up and moving. In the meantime he got both kids ready which made things SO easy for me! We got to church early (that's two weeks in a row!) and got the kids to their classes. I filled out my 57th (approximately) prayer request for Steph and got ready for my favorite part of the service. The music at our church is truly amazing. We praised and worshiped as the sick came forward to be prayed over by the elders of the church. As the music faded and Pastor John came out he said something that I was truly meant to hear. He was doing his regular, "Thank you Jesus! He is GOOD! We praise YOU!" All of the sudden he just said, "It is such a wonderful thing to praise Him before He moves!" He briefly spoke of times in our lives when we are hurting and how those are the times when God is testing our faith. They are the times when we should praise Him!! The people of Jericho we shouting His praises BEFORE the walls came tumbling down!! I knew right then, God got me to church to hear JUST that. The other stuff was AMAZING as well, but THAT was what I was supposed to hear. I am so thankful to be serving a God who knows just what I need! So join me today and praise Him for the wonderful things He does for us every single day!!!

We also need a little extra prayer today. I got a text from my mom this morning saying that Steph was up all night throwing up! She has the flu!!!! Wow. I will post as soon as I hear something from Mayo.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alumni Game

Tuesday at 5:30 in the KHS gym something great will take place. NO, I am not referring to my performance on the court. I am talking about a group of people coming together to support Steph. There will be T-shirts you can buy and from what I hear, they are pretty great. We are also having a silent auction with some REALLY great stuff! If a hot air balloon ride for two or a week ON the beach in Belize sounds like your kind of better be there! We have been so touched and truly humbled by the kindness and generosity that everyone has shown. We are amazed at how Steph's battle is bringing everyone together. It may sound strange to some, but I feel peaceful. I feel God working. I believe He is pulling everyone together and making her story so huge with His own hands. Why? I believe He is getting ready to do something big. So come be a part of something big!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


*KHS Faculty v. Lady Chiefs Alumnae Basketball Game on Tuesday, February 9 at 5:30 in the Kickapoo High School gym. Cost is $5. (You should come check out my dazzling skills on the court. Should be impressive. Please note the sarcasm.)

*Faculty teams from all 5 high schools will compete at the Glendale gym on Saturday, February 20. Details are forthcoming. (Prouty, you better be there in full gear.)

*Every Saturday during the month of February, Texas Roadhouse will commit 10% of your food purchase for Coach Phillips. Just mention Kickapoo Lady Chiefs Basketball to your server. (Six more of these and I won't have to cook the entire month of February!!!)

Also, listen to Jock 98.7 at 4:30 today; or listen online at

Monday, February 1, 2010

We Believe!!

Five Teams, One Goal....We Believe!

Tonight in Ozark

The Lady Tigers wore brown and gold. They passed a bucket to raise money for the Stephanie Phillips Foundation. The announcer told everyone about the fundraiser next week every chance he got. They were kind and sweet....

and they looked good in brown and gold!
We realized later, that the Hillcrest Lady Hornets were wearing these shirts in support of Steph.

To say the evening was touching....would be an understatement. Thank you.