Sunday, September 26, 2010

If I had a million dollars....

At breakfast yesterday, I did what I always do....I ask the kids questions. The reason I do this is twofold. One, it keeps them more focused on us and less on the salt shakers that always seem to attract attention. Two, I LOVE to hear their answers. So here are some answers for your entertainment.

I asked the kids, "If you could have breakfast with ANYONE in the world, who would it be?"

Drew's response, "Claire."

I then asked them if they could meet someone famous who would it be and their answers are as follows.

Drew: Justin Bieber
Levi: Superman
Claire: Britney (from Big Brother)
Cohen: Adam Lambert

The best one of the morning was when I asked what they would do with a million dollars. I don't really remember what anyone else said because Drew's answer was priceless.

He said, "I would make it so Claire would be my wife."
We are hanging in there. The boys are doing well. We are thankful for wonderful teachers. We are missing her more than we could have ever imagined.