Saturday, November 24, 2007

Great news!

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post this! Steph met with the genetic counselor and they said that there was NO GENETIC MUTATION detected! This was great news for Steph and her family. Now the boys are not at a higher risk AND that she is not a greater risk of developing other cancers. She still has a high risk that the cancer will return after treatment but it was such a relief that we don't have to worry about other types of cancer. We are thanking God for this blessing! My Mom and I got to have lunch the day after Thanksgiving with Drew and Steph. Drew was told that while they were at the mall he could pick out a surprise. Most kids would pick a toy or something along those lines.....but not our Drew! He wanted Power Ranger pajamas and some new boxer briefs! Just another reason that I love that kid! We made it through JC Penney and Steph decided that she wasn't up for the black Friday mall crowd for a few reasons. So they headed home and left Mom and I to fend for ourselves! Hope everyone had a great holiday and took the time to thank the Good Lord for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon you and yours!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As I pulled into the parking lot of my Alma mater this evening I was still a little frazzled from wrestling my "little" ones into their clothes, out of the toilet (just Cohen, new fixation) and into the car. When I finally put the truck into park and took a second to look around, I realized I had severely underestimated the magnitude of this fundraiser. I couldn't help but wonder if there was something else going on at the same time. However, as I opened the door and was greeted by the sounds of the KHS drumline, I knew this was going to be great! I don't even know where to start. Thank you so much to each and every person who made tonight possible. I know that the Kickapoo students already had a vested interest and know Coach Phillips personally. We are so thankful that you were all there in full force tonight! To the Glendale clan, we also know that you worked so hard to get the interest going for our cause. Thank you to everyone who helped with the video and all of the PR for this event. (Leslie Helfrect & Gary Prouty are just 2 that I know personally!!) Thanks to each student who made the trip tonight. You should all (GHS & KHS) be so proud of the way that you conducted yourselves tonight! A true class act! Thanks to all of the teachers who sacrificed their bodies tonight for a great cause. Might I suggest some pain relievers tonight before hitting the hay?! You all did a great job! The best part of the night was after the 3rd quarter. Mr. Loudis presented the Phillips family with a box containing the proceeds from the festivities. Drew got to open it up to reveal.......$4000.00! AMAZING! We are so thankful and want everyone to know that we are already helping other families that are dealing with cancer right now. On behalf of the Phillips family and the Stephanie Phillips Foundation THANK YOU to every single person who made tonight such a success. God Bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

St. Jude

Here is a link to my new favorite commercial. This is Megan White. I went to school with her Daddy and she just finished chemo on Halloween. You can read more about her and her battle with cancer at She is an amazing little girl and is an inspiration to so many. So here's the link to her new commercial with Reggie Bush! this and then take the time to hug your babies and thank God for each second you have with them!!!! OH BY THE WAY!!! She will be on the Today Show on Monday and Friday this week of Thanksgiving! She is doing a tour of St. Judes with Meredith!! They will be spending the week in NYC for the holiday! What a little superstar!!!!!

Vote for Levi!

Grandma Edna entered Levi's chef picture in the OH Baby! contest. So go VOTE LIKE CRAZY!! Levi is #1010

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A good day!

Steph had treatment Wednesday after receiving a series of shots to get her counts back up. For some reason, it was faster than usual so she was done in time for practice! Then, she woke up Thursday morning at 6:30 and realized that not only had she slept all night (something that hasn't happened since Levi was born) but she actually FELT like getting up! We think that the shots have helped immensely and she will continue to take them before treatment to give her an extra boost. Other than wearing gloves in the frozen foods section at the grocery store, it was a normal symptom free morning. I saw a glow about Steph today that I have missed. She's been so strong, but I have missed that glow! We are really looking forward to her first game Monday. Claire and Drew are supposed to have a Thanksgiving program that night but we all decided that since A. They would never participate with NANNY in the crowd, and B. Steph and Brian wouldn't be able to come anyway, we are opting for dinner together and then we are headed to the game. If you are there be sure to look for us, Claire and Drew are normally very entertaining. If ever two kids could bust a move (if you will) it's these two! They look forward to halftime and timeouts so they can show off their best dance moves. I can't wait to see what they have learned since last season! So, let the dance party begin!!! GO LADY CHIEFS! (Sorry, being a former Lady Chief myself, that's where my loyalties lie!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Benefit at KHS

I got this e-mail shortly after posting my blog.
"The game will be held at Kickapoo on the 20th. Tickets are 3$.. and we were told to arrive extra early because tickets should go really quick. KHS will also be donating all of the proceeds to the Stephanie Phillips Foundation. I believe the game starts at 7pm.. but I am not positive." Thanks Caitlin! This should be fun and I am hoping to see at least one of my old teachers out on the floor. I am just so excited to see these south side rivals pull together for such a great cause. It does my heart good!

New stuff

Well, it's been a while. Since I blogged last I have been to the east coast and back, to the doctor's office twice and slept VERY little in the meantime. Steph went on Friday for chemo but her levels were low possibly caused by a recent cold and she wasn't allowed to have treatment. So they gave her a series of shots and she goes in tomorrow for treatment. I have info about a few fundraisers that will be taking place in the next week.
Friday November 16th the Kickapoo VolleyChiefs are hosting a trivia night to benefit the VolleyChiefs Scholarship Fund and the Stephanie Phillips Foundation. It will be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church on West Republic Road. Doors open at 6:30pm and trivia starts at 7:00. The cost is $10 per person and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You can contact Karen Moran to reserve your table 877-8560. Bring your own snacks and drinks. (No alcoholic beverages please!) I REALLY wish I could be there but I have to pick up someone special at the airport! I have also received word of a benefit basketball game on Tuesday night. It will be the staff and faculty from Kickapoo vs. Glendale. I hear that the Glendale staff has picked the Stephanie Phillips Foundation as the charity they will be donating to! I haven't heard anything from the Kickapoo side yet and I don't know any details as far as time and location. I will do some research and post more info later. Just mark your calendars and lets pack the place!!! And if anyone wants to volunteer any of this info either leave a comment on the page or e-mail me directly at Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Just a normal day

Saturday was a good day for Steph, Scot and the boys. They hung out at home and worked/played in the yard. Steph said it was like a "normal" day. I am so thankful that they could get a sense of normalcy back in their lives. We are waiting to hear back from the genetic counselor (4-6 weeks) to know more about what actually caused the cancer. Let's just all pray that it wasn't a genetic mutation. I will leave you with this. I heard this in church on Sunday and it has been really helpful to me. "I don't know for certain what the future holds, but I know for certain WHO holds the future." Have a blessed week!