Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LONG time, no post!

So sorry! My laptop has officially earned "paperweight" status so computer time is hard to come by. I missed a few very important dates!! First of all, Stephanie turned 34! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY STEPH!!! Second, Tuesday was her last chemo treatment for this round!!! She now gets a month off (I think) and then she will start radiation and continue with the Avastin. Radiation will be 5 weeks everyday. We are hoping that means Monday through Friday. Then she will go in for the Avastin every other week like she has been but it will only take a few hours rather than all day. She will also be getting a CT scan as well as a PET scan sometime in the near future to see what there is to see. Dr. Hoos has also mentioned exploratory surgery after treatment in order to make SURE that there isn't anything left. So that's the scoop!

We have all been busy filling out our brackets for the NCAA tournament. Drew and Claire will be participating this year. We are letting them pick their own teams. Should be VERY interesting!

Hope everyone is drying out after almost a foot of rain!!! We were thinking about starting our arc yesterday. We have plenty of scrap wood after the ice storm! Have a great day and HAPPY SPRING!!!!!


faithful said...

What a gift Steph is to everyone that knows her. Happy Happy Birthday! YAY!

You are an inspiration and a wonderful support. Thank you for your friendship--God Bless You and all your loved ones.

Thank you God for Steph!

Holly Melton

HeartBeat said...

I finally found my way here! It was important to me to come and let Steph know I have and am and continue to pray for her :-)
Living so far away I wondered what I too could do to help make a difference. Then by Gods grace an opportunity through work presented itself and I jumped on board!
I am now a member of the Relay for Life. We have many projects lined up for this spring and summer.My husband and myself have lost loved ones to cancer. This is an important fight for everyone.
Steph, we are behind you!! Big HUGS from Rocky Comfort!!