Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay, I know I said it might take a few days but this is a little ridiculous right? I have an excuse, but you know what they say about those. Last Thursday was not a good day. The way it sounded was that there was another reduction in cancer activity and there was more cancer down in the colon area. NOT what we wanted to hear. HOWEVER, when she went to see Dr. Edwards on Tuesday it was a different story. He informed Steph that the tumor they have been working on in the chest region was COMPLETELY GONE! Gone, not there, absent, disappeared, outta here....just plain ol' gone! Then he mentioned removing the other tumor. Steph questioned him because she understood on Thursday that they wanted to do a biopsy. Dr. Edwards said that because it was so small (just the size of a grape) that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. AND he said that it was in a really odd place which leads him to wonder if it is even cancer and not just scar tissue. At this point we were all a little frustrated because we can't understand how we can get so many different stories all at once. So Steph asked for a referral to M.D. Anderson. We are waiting on that and she will be headed down there as soon as we get word of when her appointment is. Keep praying that the "grape" is nothing more than scar tissue and that the appointment in Houston goes well. A HUGE thank you to Dan and Shelly who will be providing travel to and from Houston. Thank you doesn't even begin to express our gratitude for your kindness and love. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

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