Monday, April 6, 2009

Dr. Helen we adore thee.

Last week Steph and my mom went to meet with Dr. Helen to catch up. Not to be treated...just because Dr. Helen cares about Steph and wants to know how she is. As they were discussing the results they told her that the lymph nodes around her spine were still enlarged a bit. She nodded furiously and said, "YES, they will be! They will also continue to shrink along with the scar tissue. Radiation works for a very long time!" Did you catch that??? She said SCAR TISSUE WILL AND DOES SHRINK!!! This is great news! Steph and mom left feeling very encouraged and we are all looking forward to the next appointment in Houston. I BELIEVE that they are going to be scratching their heads and telling us that there is no medical explanation for this! Stay tuned...I have a little something special in the works. Have a wonderful week!

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