Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Levi!

Today our sweet Levi turned 4. I put together a video for him and discovered the following...

1. Levi is NEVER photographed alone.
2. Pictures of Levi as a newborn are NOT on anyone's Shutterfly account, which is where I steal all the pictures from.
3. 95% of the time Levi is either eating, holding food, covered in food or all of the above.
4. The only pictures I have of Levi and Scot....Scot is topless.

So...keeping that in mind, here is my birthday tribute to our littlest boy!!

Levi's 4th from Chrissy George on Vimeo.


Stacie said...

Beautiful Chrissy!! :) Happy Birthday little Levi!

The Smiths said...

Great Video do a great job of honoring your friends and family.

It is always good to read your blog, facebook page and to see your pics/videos.