Thursday, August 18, 2011

I saw the sign.

This is a little piece of land recently purchased by a certain SuperDad. It needs to be cleared off before they begin to build. Luckily, the home owners behind his new lot have agreed to take down part of their fence and let SuperDad dispose of his yard waste in their burn pile.

Who does that?!!?!

Nanny and Papa, that's who!!!

That's right! Scot purchased a piece of land that backs up to my parent's back yard!! Steph would be THRILLED to know that her guys are going to be so close. I have to share this story about the "sign" we got the day we were discussing the idea of him buying these lots.

The idea was presented to him by a friend and realtor who has been showing him a few houses. She mentioned in passing that those lots were available and pointed out that they actually touch my parent's property. We didn't realize that, and of course it planted a seed in our minds. Mom and I walked back one day with Scot to look over the fence. We were talking about his options and how great it would be for the boys to be able to walk over. All of the sudden I stopped....and listened. The radio was playing just loud enough for us to hear. The song..."Home" by Michael Buble. This was a special song for Steph and Drew, as well as one of the songs that was played in the video at her funeral. We knew it was a sign. Scot made an offer the next day. The offer was accepted and he is now the proud owner of A LOT of brush!!! Not to mention rocks that my mom threw over the fence years ago!

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