Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Christmas Story

This year it is very important to us that we teach Drew and Claire the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. We want them to understand why we celebrate Christmas. I thought I would share a few of the "Claire & Drew" translations of the story.
Drew: "Mary and Josie went to a hotel and the guy said there was no more rooms, so they went to the barn with the animals and put baby Jesus in the hay."
Claire: "Mary and Jophes (pronounced Jo-fis) went to the inn and the guy said THERE'S NO ROOM and then they went to the neighbor's with all the animals and put baby Jesus in a cradle. Then the wise men came and brought presents" I ask her what they brought. She says, "Gold, silver and frankenstein."
Enjoy these next few weeks and don't forget what they are REALLY about! (You know....hotels, hay & frankenstein!)

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