Friday, June 27, 2008

Counting the days!

Counting today, Steph has 5 radiation treatments left. She meets with Dr. Helen on Monday and has a lot of questions. Please pray that she gets the answers that she needs. There are a lot of things that are confusing to us right now but we have faith that Dr. Helen is going to tell Steph what she needs to know. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of radiation. She will be rescanned six weeks after to see where we are. Keep praying and I will post when we know more! Have a great weekend!

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faithful said...

Hi Everyone,

I think about you constantly--you are always in my prayers. But not because I worry about you--because I am grateful for you and your progress. I thank God for progress--for your goodness, for your friendship, for your strength, for your inner light. One day at a time--I am grateful we all had today. I love you all--Holly