Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day of celebration!

Yesterday we celebrated Steph's last radiation treatment. We really thought we would be jumping for joy and partying it up, but not really. I hate to be a downer but as I have said before, this is real. We were told on Monday that the tumor cannot be removed at this point because it is still too big. Bummer. We haven't really understood why we are waiting 8 more weeks for the next scan. This tumor (which was NOT there when she had surgery) only took 6 weeks to grow about 4 inches. The last thing we want is for it to get bigger again. Dr. Helen said that the radiation and chemo will continue to work between now and the time she is scanned again. She said that it is a possibility that is could be completely gone in 8 weeks. She also talked about how one of our biggest concerns is that colon cancer is NOTORIOUS for spreading to the liver. She said right now we need to do our best to focus on the miracles that we have already been blessed with. We need to keep a positive attitude because Steph has already beaten a lot of odds. I stand firm in my belief that she will continue to do so. I can't let myself believe anything else at this point. I know that if I allow myself to think about the worst, this will be Satan's chance to take control of my heart. I WILL REMAIN FAITHFUL. WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE. Right now, we need some very specific prayers. Please pray:

1. That the radiation will continue to work and get rid of the tumor completely.
2. That the cancer will not spread to her liver.
3. For Steph and Scot's emotional health.

Just keep praying and I will update when I know more. Thank you all!!!

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