Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beware...not a "feel good" story.

Last summer, my mom recalls sitting by the pool watching the kids play. Steph was opening some mail. She opened one of those solicitations from a cancer foundation of some sort. She told my mom that she felt compelled to donate to avoid tempting fate. She did and well, you all know how well that worked out. SO, on Tuesday Steph's phone rings. The lady on the other end is from that particular foundation and is asking for another generous donation this year. She then proceeds to go into great detail about how the chances of beating cancer are getting worse and worse. Something along the lines of "Cancer is SO HORRIBLE and people are DYING AS WE SPEAK!" She then asked Steph if she knows anyone with cancer. Steph's reply was something like this. "As a matter of fact...I HAVE CANCER and I just want to thank you for the amazing pep talk there lady. I'm sure you can understand why I am not in the position to donate at this time and I am thankful for all the OTHER people you are helping today." (My thought: Yeah! Because you certainly didn't do anything for me or my mood!) Sheesh.

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