Sunday, November 23, 2008

So sorry!

I've been a little behind on my blogging. If you want to know where I've been, check my blog. I won't put any details on here because I don't want to make anyone TOO jealous. Steph didn't have treatment until Friday of last week because her counts were too low on Monday. They spent some time in urgent care with Levi, but due to a bad connection in Mexico, I didn't get the details about what was going on with him. Man....I am seriously slacking. I DO know that we celebrated Drew's 5th birthday on Sunday!! I wasn't able to make it because I was unpacking my Texas bag and packing my Mexico bag and heading out. Claire went with Nanny and was excited for Drew to open his new basketball shoes that match hers! The kids are starting Upward Basketball next week and we are really excited about it. (Jane, please know that I haven't forgotten that I owe you guys money!!) I'm such a dork. Hope everyone is getting excited for Thanksgiving!

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