Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 1

After a bumpy flight and a very FAST cab ride, we made it to our hotel last night a little after 11:00. We were starved and went in search of food. We ended up in a very interesting place that we will not be revisiting any time soon! Today we slept in until 9:30 (8:30 our time) and were very lazy. We headed to the pool around 11 and ate lunch before taking to the beach for a VERY long walk! Poor Steph has some MAJOR blisters to prove it! We picked up some great seashells for Claire's collection and headed back to the pool for more....well...nothing!

This picture is us at dinner tonight. A couple at the pool today told us about a great restaurant called Snappers, and they weren't kidding! It was WONDERFUL! We are stuffed and already in should know it's 10:16 and we have been camped out here for about at hour! We have really enjoyed the life of leisure today and can't wait for more tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

What Beautiful young ladies!!! I am sure you are having a wonderful time!! What a great R&R!!!! All my love,Grammy.