Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good News.

More later...but things are looking good!!!

**It's later! I have talked to my mom and we got good news today. When the doc looked at the scan...for the first time this afternoon as he was sitting in front of Steph, he read it out loud. "Stable. Hmm." For those not up on the cancer lingo...stable=NO GROWTH!!! This is amazing news! They are still looking into some clinical studies in Bethesda, MD that she is a candidate for at this time. HOWEVER, after looking at her scans today, Dr. Hoos decided that it would be okay for her to wait just a little longer on those since the CANCER IS NOT GROWING!!!!! She would have to be gone a lot for those and in case you hadn't heard...IT'S LADY CHIEF SEASON BABY!!!! He wants to continue to scan her because her cancer has been very aggressive in the past.

We feel very strongly that Steph's devotion to her diet and nutrition played a huge role in this positive development. She will continue doing what she is doing. But ALL the glory and ALL the praise goes to God. This is HIS plan and HIS will is being done here. I mentioned in my previous post that maybe we can't change God's mind by praying. I also meant to mention that he always answers our prayers. Sometimes he doesn't answer them in the way we WANT Him to.

But sometimes he does.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you.

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Lori V said...

Praise God!! Thanks for the update... was nice chatting with you in Michael's last week. ;-)

Lori V.