Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monday Night

Got this e-mail a few nights ago and wanted to share.

The Ozark Lady Tigers will be holding a fund raiser for Stephanie on Monday, Feb 1, 2010, during the Ozark vs Hillcrest Girls Basketball game. The girls will be wearing Kickapoo colors during warm ups to honor Coach Phillips. I know that Kickapoo has a game the same night, but if you could spread the word around to let people know to come out and "Kick the Poo out of Cancer for Coach Phillips"
Keeping Stephanie and her family in our prayers.
-Ozark Lady Tiger Parent

So if you are in the area, stop by and show your support! I will be there with my future Lady Tiger!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chrissy for your dedication and commitment as you keep Stephanie's friends in the loop via this website. You are truly appreciated! I watched Stephanie play basketball in high school and as a Lady Bear. I was extremely pleased, as part of the Kickapoo Administrative Team, when she accepted the offer to become the Lady Chief Basketball Coach. Hasn't she made the Kickapoo community proud because of her successful efforts and dedication to the program? Even though I eventually became the principal at that other high school, it was always very challenging for me when the Lady Falcons played the Lady Chiefs. It was my hope as principal GHS could rebuild a program that would equal that of Steph's! I know the present Lady Falcon coaches... Coach Temple, Coach Singer, and Coach Grimes value Stephanie's friendship, awesome coaching skills, leadership abilities, her commitment to family, and above all, her commitment to God. I will attend the Ozark game Monday in support of Steph. I will get one of my old "Poo Pride of the Tribe" t-shirts out of the closet and wear it for her. If anybody can beat this vicious disease, it will be Stephanie!! Once again, you are appreciated! G Prouty

Kati said...

I had no idea about this and we were already doing to be there! I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

The Ozark and Hillcrest Girls game was a heartwarming tribute to Steph. A great bunch of kids and fans.