Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here we are. It's 2010. We have been sitting on some news for a few weeks now. Before Christmas, Steph had been experiencing some pain at the site of her tumor. This tumor is near her uterus and was deemed "stable" at the beginning of November. She insisted that she be scanned again. Dr. Hoos obliged and called her with the results. Not good. The tumor has grown by about a centimeter in one direction and a centimeter and a half in the other direction. This was NOT what we wanted to hear. Since then she has seen Dr. Edwards, a general surgeon, to get a little feedback about why we aren't just taking the tumor out. He said he was very apprehensive about doing the procedure, although we still don't understand why, and referred her to another surgeon here in town, Dr. Biggers. He also said he would not feel comfortable doing the surgery and is sending her results to Dallas to see what they say.

What Dr. Biggers DID do was to get the ball rolling on a few other things. He was shocked that Steph has COLON CANCER and had not been instructed to get a colonoscopy YEARLY! That thought had never crossed our minds, but when it did it just seemed like a no brainer! He also could not believe that she has not had a PET scan since her diagnosis. So she will be having a PET scan on Thursday which will show any cancer activity in her body. She will be meeting with Dr. Hoos next week (I think) to discuss some more things. We are very frustrated at this point because we feel like many doctors she has seen (Not the previously mentioned docs) are giving up. We feel like from day one, they looked at her chart and wrote her off as another hopeless case. APPARENTLY they didn't get the memo...STEPH DOESN'T GIVE UP!!!!! They obviously don't know who they are dealing with here!

So now we wait. I think I speak for many when I say...I'm tapped out. I am having a hard time "brightsiding" this. The words don't come like they usually do. I won't lose faith. I will pray. I will listen. I will thank God for Pastor Scott Watson who always seems to have the right words. But, I am not afraid to say....this sucks.

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Jason and Simona Kelley said...

Thank you Father that Jesus is at your right and He has already paid the price for Steph's healing by the stripes on is back. We ask for the full manifestation to come now, in name of Jesus. Love, Jason and Simona