Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Morning Sports Report

Last night was absolutely amazing. From the opening prayer from Anthony Tolliver to seeing the joy on Drew's face as he smashed a pie in "Big Red's" face. The stands were FILLED with people there to support Steph. As I addressed the crowd before the game with a message from Steph, I ended up looking at the wall. I simply could not look into the crowd. Too many sweet faces. Too many people who would do ANYTHING to help. Kids packed into the student section like sardines. Family. Friends. Friends who have become family. Cancer survivors. Even Doug, who is on his 2 week leave from Afghanistan! I sobbed as someone paid $700 to throw a pie in the Principal's face. I cried as 3 WONDERFUL men bid against each other for the trips to Hilton Head and Belize. It was such an emotional night for us. Each dollar raised will make it that much easier for Steph to focus on the task at hand. Surviving and lovin' on her guys.


Don said...

What a great night! It would have been great to see and hug Steph, I just hope she knows how much people here love her. How much was raised?

Andi said... sure was an amazing night. So glad I could be apart of it. I wish Steph could have been there to see how many people love and support her. Don, I heard the total was $23,000. How incredible is that!!!