Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Birthday Wish.

Yesterday, she would have been 37. We put candles on her cake. A candle shaped like a 3, and one shaped like a 7. My mom asked the kids, "Who knows how old she would be today?" Levi immediately said, "SEVENTY THREE!!" We wish. We wrote messages on balloons and sent them to her in Heaven. Levi's said, "I want you to come back." We wish. Yesterday was filled with wishes. Most of all, a wish that the day would be a celebration of her life. We wanted the day to be a good memory for the boys. And it was. A day that ends with the Pizza Inn buffet, is always a good day! Please take a moment to watch this sweet video, and then consider helping us make our wish for a world with MORE birthdays, come true! Join us or donate to our Relay For Life team "COACH WON" by clicking HERE!

Happy Birthday Steph! from Chrissy George on Vimeo.


kim said...

Happy Birthday Steph!!! We miss you!!! Chrissy - You and your mom are AMAZING!!! Love Doug, Kim, Julia and Brian Bullard

Alicia said...

Completely beautiful moment, definitely brings tears to my eyes!