Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday SuperDad!!!

My post is a day late...shocking I know.

Yesterday was Scot's birthday. I won't reveal how old he is, but let's just year will be HUGE and we are already planning! He started the day with presents and a Superman cake from his boys. Nanny took them and let them pick out something. They each picked a T-shirt (Captain America and Ghost Busters.) Then they insisted on getting him Batman and The Flash undies!!! I think he was surprised even though Drew told him the night before, "Dad! Don't be a snoop!" Levi chimed in and said, "Yeah. Don't snoop under Drew's bed!" Mom and I stopped by to take him some treats at Kickapoo and the ladies in the office had a buffet of food set up for his special day! They are wonderful to him and SO much fun!! We had nachos for dinner at Nanny's house and just sat around and talked.

As the evening came to a close it was decided that since Claire didn't have school, she and Drew were going to spend the night with Nanny. I went to round up Mr. Cohen from the basement and Scot was down there collecting Mr. Levi. As he scooped up Cohen to give him a hug and kiss goodbye, he said, "I love you!" Cohen, of course, expressed his mutual love for SuperDad and my heart was overflowing with love. Steph would be so proud. She would LOVE how Scot has just planted himself right in the middle of our family. She loved our chaos and she would be so proud of him. Just as much as she was like a sister to me, he has become just like a brother. I look back at the battle he fought right along side her, and I am so incredibly proud of him. For three years he was in survival mode. We are all healing and seem to be "coming out on the other side" of the darkness. It's hard to find the words to express how we feel about SuperDad. I feel like he has accepted the hand he has been dealt and is doing it with such strength...such courage. There is no doubt in my mind that he misses her, and if he had the choice, she would be here. But he is finally enjoying a "simple" life. A life that does not revolve around watching his wife suffer. He is making her proud each day by making his boys THE top priority in his world. He LOVED the days this winter when school was canceled and he got to just PLAY with Drew and Levi. He was so sweet and nurturing to Drew as he had surgery to remove his HUGE infected tonsils. He is already planning fun things to do this summer with the boys. He can't wait to take them fishing and has already scoped out a local golf course that has a small course for kids. We are planning swim days at Nanny's as well as at our new pool at the clubhouse. He never complains, unless he is expressing his concern that he doesn't get enough time to just play with the boys. It's never about HIM. If you don't get a chance to be around Scot, just imagine the best possible scenario. These boys are SO lucky to have him. WE are lucky to have him....even if he is REALLY old. Ha! SuperDad, we all love you so much and hope your day was a good one. Thank you for being you!

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