Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just wanted to say congrats to our Lady Chiefs! They had a big win last night against Ozark and will play Nixa in the championship on Saturday. It must have been the pregame talk they got from a very special guest speaker.....MY MOM! Steph and I, along with so many others, can tell you that her pep talks are the best. We can't wait for the game on Saturday night. NO ONE is as excited as Cohen though. All he has talked about since the game last night is his "girlfriend" who plays for the Lady Chiefs. Oh yes, Madi Miller has been the hot topic today! We were counting like the Count from Sesame Street today and I said, "One batty batty, ha ha ha!" He looked at me and said, "NO momma, one Madi Madi, ha ha ha!" Yup, my boy has his first official crush!

Good luck to the boys tonight as they take on Branson. Roy, if you need a good pep talk, I'm sure my mom is available!!!

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