Friday, February 6, 2009

Smells Like Chemo.

Today was chemo day. I hate chemo day. It means that my friend is hooked up to bags of poison. It means that my mom has a headache. (She has sympathy symptoms for Steph.) Which means that Steph has a headache. It means that once's real. OOooohhhh how I hate cancer. I wish so badly it would go away and Steph could still take Friday's off to have girl time with me and mom. But, you know me....forever the optimist, so I will list a few things that I DO like about chemo day.

It means I get to pick up Drew from school and see the excitement as he and Claire jump up and down with delight and demand that we listen to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make me Feel."

It means that I get to hug Steph as I return Drew to his rightful owner.

It usually means we get to eat together.

It means I get to hug her again as we leave.

We honestly don't get to spend enough time together so the days when we do get to hang out are precious to me. But it is so hard. Hard to imagine that she is so sick. It is so strange. Strange to think that this is really our way of life now. I look at her and she doesn't look sick. She is so brave and I am not sure if she understands how thankful I am for that. If it weren't for her strength, I would be a mess. I'm working on a post about that, but haven't found all the words I need yet. Please continue to pray for her, especially on chemo days. They.....stink. Which leads me to a story that is a little funny, and a little sad but 100% real.

Drew hugged his mom this afternoon and said, "Mom, you smell like chemo." He then followed up with, "you know like a hospital."


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Jenn said...

"I look at her and she doesn't look sick. "

This struck a chord with me. Sometimes I think the worst thing about some of these diseases is that our loved ones suffering from them don't look sick. It is a hard irony to deal with sometimes.

I hope Steph is feeling better. We will keep her in our prayers.