Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ode to Stephanie

From Steph's Gonna Win
Today is Steph's 35th birthday! To honor her, I decided to put together a list of randomness about my dear friend for your entertainment. A little "roast" if you will.

1. When I met Steph she had bad hair...of course, I was rockin' some sweet bangs so I really have no room to talk.

2. She is the reason I won the 800 meter at All City in 7th grade. Not because she inspired me with wise words...but because she KICKED MY BOOTY at basketball practice AFTER track practice a few times a week!!!

3. She hates clam chowder.

4. She is the MOST loyal person I know. I mean it.

5. She dislikes the color pink, but will wear it proudly to honor those who have fought or are fighting breast cancer.

6. I still have her autographed basketball card from her days at SMSU. She got me a set of autographed cards of the Lady Bears as well as an autographed ball. I was BIG TIME baby!

7. At SMSU individual camp one year as she was addressing the whole camp over the mic. She saw Ned Reynolds (a local sports personality on KY3) jogging around the track above the court in the old Hammons building. She made us all yell, "KY3! BE THERE!!" Which would have been really great if the station's catch phrase hadn't been, "KY3, is the place to be!" I still chuckle at that one.

8. She vomited the majority of the 18 months she was pregnant with her boys.

9. She is a very private person so she is probably going to kick me in the pants for this. I am actually REALLY holding back here Steph, I promise.

10. They go to River Bluff Fellowship and Drew was the first "River Bluff baby" born within the congregation. They started a MASSIVE trend!

11. She and my mom have very poor navigational skills.

12. She has two of the CUTEST boys you've ever seen.

13. She knows basketball...I mean REALLY knows basketball. She also taught me everything I know about the game.

14. She has an amazing husband.

15. She is my hero.

Steph, I hope you enjoyed your day. I am so thankful that we got to spend a little time together today while our kids ran around like crazy people! When you are feeling up to it...Brian wants to take you out for Sushi ;-) Happy Birthday my friend. Love you girl!


Summer Sowers said...

Hey, Chrissy. I would also like to add one of my own favorite memories of Steph. It would the one when she was pregnant with Drew and looked so NOT pregnant, but like she was smuggling a basketball or volleyball in her shirt. We jokingly suggested she should name the baby Rawlings or maybe Wilson. She turned to all o us with disgust and announced, "Sorry folks, I'm NOT naming my child Wilson Phillips!" Working at a baby office, I occasionally tell that story when I hear of a patient naming their child some off the wall name. Everythime it gets a hearty chuckle! Happy Birthday, Steph!!

Summer Sowers said...

P.S. I should really learn to proofread before hitting send....

Betsy said...

I was at the individual camp when we address Ned with the wrong catch phrase....I never forgot that and occassionally laugh myself.

I have been reading through the blog as I have only looked at it occassionally over the last 2 years. I do pray for Stephanie and I know that God has an amazing plan.