Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poor Little Chiefs!!!

I just spoke with my mom and Steph who are in Oklahoma with the Lady Chiefs this weekend. The girls beat Jenks last night which put them in the CHAMPIONSHIP game!! Way to go girls! However, apparently the first team they played were all coming down with the flu. So between last night's game and this morning we had a little brother, a grandpa and the majority of the team come down with this REALLY BAD bug. Lucky for them it seems to only be a 24 hour thing but needless to say....they had to forfeit. So they will be returning to town with a second place trophy and probably a few less pounds among them! Please pray today that Drew, Steph, Scot and my mom are all spared because we aren't quite sure how Steph's body would handle this awful bug. Everyone has been exposed but maybe...just maybe...they will manage to avoid it. Girls I hope you are all feeling better very soon and get plenty of rest this weekend. I'm thinking Steph needs one of those masks to wear all the time. I could "bedazzle" one of those things and she could set the next fashion trend. Just a thought.


Nanny said...

Chrissy you are the best daughter a dad could ask for.
Love You

Elizabeth said...

Keep up the posting Chrissy. We hope that Steph, family, and friends don't get the flu.