Friday, January 23, 2009

Another thank you note.

Thank you to Claire for screaming, "COHEN IS PEEING BY THE TREE," when we were trying to be discreet about our potty trainer who HAD to go at the park. Thank you to the 25 people at the park who let our kids maul their dogs yesterday on such a beautiful afternoon. (Especially the Millers! I WANT one of those dogs!) Thank you God for that beautiful day. Thank you to the people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground, it is because of you that we have daily discussions about how bad smoking is for your body. Thank you to my skin who seems to think that it is 1993 again and also to my hair who seems to makes me feel young again. (Note the sarcasm here.) Thank you to the nice lady at Lowes today who thought it was HILARIOUS when Drew bounced off of her booty in aisle 7 even though I warned him and Claire numerous times about the dangers of not looking where you are going. Thank you even more to that lady's husband who laughed even harder than she did and assured us that it didn't phase them....they have 9 kids and 10 grandkids! I am still giggling about it! With so much to be thankful for, I don't have time to do much else. That is my excuse for not cleaning my room right now....I'm too busy being thankful.

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