Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

I am convinced that NO ONE has more faith than Steph. She inspires me. On Monday, Steph was laying in a hospital bed being pumped full of medicine to ward off any life threatening side effects. She looked at my mom and said, "I am so excited." Whaaaat??? She continued, "I can't wait for the moment I get to tell everyone my cancer is gone." She is a fighter. She is so strong. And she has more faith in her pinky finger than many people experience in a lifetime.

She is doing better today than she was yesterday. Monday, chemo went pretty smoothly and was fairly uneventful until the very end when she started experiencing extreme nausea. They were going to keep her overnight but she convinced them that she was fine. She continued to be nauseous yesterday. Drew was ABSOLUTELY precious telling my mom that, "I need to stay here with my mom when she is feeling this sick." He ordered her to stay in bed and rest then told Levi, "NO, you need to go to the bathroom yourself or brother can take you...mommy needs her rest!" I found it quite funny/sad that when we mentioned Steph being sick, I asked Drew if she was pukey like I was last week. His eyebrows went up and he said, "Oh no, she's not that sick!" Yes...I felt like a weenie!

In case you had not heard, the Kickapoo Lady Chiefs have had a "guest coach" on the bench recently. Steph missed the girls so much. She draws so much strength from them and wants them to realize their dream of making it state. She has been coaching at the games and it has been so good for her and the girls. Tonight they take on the Hillcrest Lady Hornets in Bolivar after a big win last week against the Glendale Lady Falcons for the District title. There MIGHT be a chance that the game will be live on the Kickapoo Prairie News website. I will check and post the link if it is. Keep praying for a miracle and stop to appreciate the miracles around you! (Thanks Holly!)

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Anonymous said...

I go to church with Scott's Mother & Grandmother. I don't know Stephanie but through this blog and the reports we get at church I feel we are friends. She is such a fighter and a true testomony to the word faith. I saw a picture in the paper with Sheph and her girls after their big win (priceless). It seems like everyone she knows from her friends, students, family to her small children she is a true hero & we are all praying for her at Macedonia Church.