Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's what I do.

I was talking to my mom while she and Steph were at Mayo the first time. All of the sudden my mom said, "Steph...look at that guy." Steph glanced over, "Uh...okay?" Mom says, "Well, doesn't he look...ummmm basketball-ish?" I could only imagine the look on Steph's face at this point. After discussing his attire (Adidas) and google-ing a picture of his wife on Steph's phone, they decided that it WAS in fact...BOBBY KNIGHT! After hanging up with me she stood up and walked straight over to Coach Knight who was eating lunch with his wife and talking with someone else. Since he was in the middle of a conversation, my mom approached his wife, Karen. "Karen Knight?" She looked up with a nervous look on her face, "ummm yes?" My mom began, "I am SO sorry to interrupt and normally I would NEVER do anything like this, but your husband needs to meet my best friend." That's right folks...she told BOBBY KNIGHT that HE needed to meet Steph. Awesome! So Steph came over and they chatted for a bit. My mom explained that Steph coaches girls basketball but she just recently stepped down in order to focus on her battle against stage 4 colon cancer. Coach Knight pointed out that his wife coached girls basketball as well and has won 5 state championships. "She has already won TWO," mom eagerly pointed out. She did fight the urge to say that her team was class 5A! They chatted for a moment more and decided it was time to leave them to their lunch. As they were leaving Coach Knight said sincerely, "Good luck to you in this fight against cancer." Steph turned and confidently said, "Thank you. I will beat this, It's what I do....I win." Love this. Love her.

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Lori Vaughn said...

LOVE this story!