Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pain Scale

Here is a pain scale chart they found on a bulletin board at Mayo. (Revised...apparently for effect?)

Steph and my mom found it to be quite hilarious. Steph got the idea to reenact the scale herself.

Zero...NO PAIN.




Eight. More pain...possibly some constipation??


If this was anyone else, it may not be as funny. But we found this to be down right hilarious.


Lori Vaughn said...

Those pain scales have always cracked me up, and Steph's version is spot-on!

Andi said...

This is awesome.....I got a good chuckle from it. We all don't get to see Coach like this hardly ever!

Crystal said...

Finally! I have been waiting for these photos, I should have checked the blog earlier! I think maybe Steph and Cheryl should go ahead and submit these photos to Mayo and just maybe they will consider "replacing" the pictures on the scale with Stephs! That's what I think about these photos! Steph you look great-I am so fortunate that you and your family (that includes Cheryl & fam.-but especially Drew and Levi :) have entered my life. You have changed the way I look at things...just Thursday I was thinking about the first day I met you...I don't know if you remember but I was in Mrs. Lowe's room and Drew had on this "tuxedo" and you Drew and Cheryl poked your heads in and I thought Drew could be among the top 10 cutest things I had ever seen in his tux! I'm pretty sure he had a red bow tie on. I asked Drew if he remembered and he said ya, I took that bow tie off, it was hurting my neck! I think it effected him just as much as it did me....but maybe in a different way :) I love you guys!!!