Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hardest post...ever.

I have to write a post tonight that I don't want to write. I have been given permission to update you all on Steph's condition. I'm just going to put it out sugar coating. She wanted to me to ask you all first and foremost, to PLEASE pray for her pain to go away or at least become more tolerable. She is on A LOT of pain medication right now. She has lost 13 pounds in the last two weeks, 30 since January. She is weak, is having trouble eating and is miserable. You can't even imagine how her condition has deteriorated over the past few weeks. Her most recent scan revealed what we feared...more cancer. Even with chemo every week and radiation 5 days a week for 7 weeks, this cancer is ravaging her body. During this fight, we have been afforded the luxury of a seemingly healthy girl. She never looked the part of a cancer patient. She never lost her hair and when she did look sick, it was because of the chemo. We are now faced with the ugly reality that this cancer is overpowering her. Please pray for the following:

1. Her pain to go away. This is the most important.
2. Scot as he tries to keep life as normal as possible for the boys.
3. Her boys.
4. My mom, she has been designated primary care giver for Steph.
5. Her family and friends.
6. Her miracle.


Jason and Simona Kelley said...

Dear Steph, I lift you up to the Lord and give Him thanks and praise for your healing. I give Him glory for taking your pain away now. I praise Him for giving strength to Scot, Drew, Levi,the Handy Nanny, Chrissy, your Mom,thousand upon thousands praying for you, and you to continue marching towards your healing day. There is poem that goes, "Great it is to dream the dream when you stand in youth
by the starry stream.
But a greater thing is to fight, to fight, to fight life through, and say at the end,'the Dream is true'".I give you all the glory Father that our dream of complete healing for Steph is coming true right now. In Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN and AMEN Love Jason, Simon, Mateo and Terrianna

whill83 said...

Stephanie and family,

You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

I am at the prayer fountain for you....i love you.


Anonymous said...

My family will be praying even harder than ever for Coach. I know God has a plan and I will pray that she may be given less pain and for her family. I never had her as a teacher, but Mr. Coach Phillips was an amazing teacher and I wish only the best for him. It was in the same year that I met his cousin as my physical therapist and I feel that this family has done so much for me and I just pray for the best for them!!
Kayla Ballenger and family

Anonymous said...

Steph,I pray that your pain stop's and you can feel the love that is surrounding you!!! We all love you!!! God be with you !!!! Grammy

ranae said...

God be with you and your family during this time, I pray God will take away your pain, and pray for your family...

Anonymous said...

Steph I pray that god will stop your pain and be there with you and your family. Embrace you with his love and grant that miracle that is so needed! love ya! mare

Zelina West said...

I clicked on this link on Facebook. We have mutual friends. I must say, I have only read this post- and it literally brought me to tears. Cancer is a horrible thing- it seems only the best, most wonderful people get it, which confuses me. I can tell that so many people love you Steph. I hope that you read these posts and feel the love that people are sending you. I am a stranger- but I am someone who wishes you the best of luck-- and I am also someone who will be praying for you.

May God wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you. May God grant you the strength to grace us with your presence for another day. May God give you the relief that you deserve. Our God is a great God. Many blessings to you Steph.

God Bless you,
Zelina West

Morley said...

The Morley Family and the Liberty Girls basketball team are sending our prayers down to Springfield. If there would ever be anything you would need from up here in Kansas City just let me know. Wish there was more we could do but we will continue to send prayers.

Anonymous said...

I will pray as hard as I can for you and your family. This is something that just makes me so angry and I can't understand why things like this have to happen to a young mother with young children who did nothing but good things in life, while sicko child molesters and other scum bags live to be 100 and never have any problems at all. I'm not trying to question God, I just wish I understood. My best to you

Lydia said...


Both of my boys were coached by your husband at KHS and we have great admiration for you and your family. Wanted you to know that my church choir prayed for you last night. We will continue to pray for less pain and for God's miraculous healing.

Lydia F

Jonathan Owen said...

You have been on our thoughts and prayers often. We will continue to pray for a miracle. God IS able!!