Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We won the battle.

Someone came yesterday to hook Steph up so that her pain meds will be administered through her port. This is good. Thank you VERY much to our hospice nurse Linda and the medical director who made that possible. We feel like we won that battle.

Steph had a bad weekend. We are thinking it was due to the steroids she was put on instead of the pain pump. Hopefully we won't have anymore days like that. Unfortunately, she can't have those days back. Frustrating to say the least.

Today, I heard a little rumor that Steph, my mom and the guys had coffee on the back deck together. I told my mom, "That makes me happy....a little jealous....but SO SO happy!" Keep praying for moments like this. When I hear about them, or better yet get to see these moments, I feel like running to the computer and sending a note to all of you simply saying, "THANKS." I know you are all praying for "normal" with us, so thank you.


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Colleen said...

I found you through Kelly's Korner. A friend of mine mother of two, 29, died of colon cancer last year. Every part of me told me to stay away from this blog, but of course I clicked, and you are now constantly in my prayers. Much love and hope from Phoenix!

Anonymous said...

Grammy is sitting in front of her computer waiting for new's most of the time!!!Saying prayers for all of you.Am so proud of my family and extended family!!Love,hugs and kisses!!

Tara Riley said...

praying for you all and knowing that God is in charge