Tuesday, June 15, 2010


On Saturday we spent the day at my parents pool. I arrived to find Steph sleeping. A very good thing. I went up to check on her and she said she wanted to eat something because she was determined to make it to MSU to watch her girls play at team camp. She ate and took a bath. My mom dried her hair and put it in a ponytail. I decided that Grandma Connie (my mother-in-law), Scot, Grandma Edna and Uncle Ryan (Steph's little brother) had it all under control so I went with them. Steph enjoyed watching them play and was very excited about the upcoming talent. I was amazed to see her talk to the girls with such strength. She encouraged them to keep working hard. This girl...she is incredible. When we got in the car we realized, she had overdone it...but I'd be willing to bet she wouldn't take it back for the world. We talked on the way home and we decided that it was time to call Hospice. We need someone to help keep her pain under control. She and Drew decided to spend the night with my parents and the next morning she was excited to report that she had a REALLY good night. She hasn't had one of those in a very long time.

Sunday morning your prayers were felt. My mom made coffee. Coffee with my mom is one of lifes simple pleasures. As my mom was telling me about their morning, I remembered the last time I sat with Steph and my mom and drank coffee. We were on St. Pete's Beach and is one of my greatest memories. SO, they sat outside on the daybed and watched Drew swim while they sipped their coffee. Mom read from a book that our friend Shelly Jones brought over the day before. Drew came up and sat for a while and decided that he would like to read something a little more entertaining so he went and got his Curious George book. They sat and listened to him read. All you mommas out there know, this was a wonderful moment for them. We are praying for more mornings like this.

Yesterday a decision was made. Steph, Scot, Drew, Levi, Nanny and Papa decided it would be best if the Phillips family moves in with Nanny and Papa. The upstairs is a little more secluded so noise won't be so much of a problem which will allow Steph to rest and the kids can still be kids. It will just be easier for everyone.

Today, all of the littles understand what is going on. Please pray for wisdom as we are all asked questions that we wish we didn't have to answer. Pray for their little hearts.

If you would like to bring a meal, please e-mail me at cgeorge1980@gmail.com and we can work out a time for you to drop it off. We are thinking Tuesday and Friday nights for drop offs. I know many of you have said you would be willing to do this and we are at a point where this would benefit us greatly. Thank you in advance.
While doing the book for Steph, I cam across some really great pictures. This one (which I am really afraid I left out of the book, BOO!) is a sweet moment captured on Easter two years ago at Nanny and Papa's. Steph is helping the youngest of our bunch (Miss Alivia Jane) find her eggs.

That's Steph...always a coach!!


Aly, Bella and Baylie said...

Praying so much for you guys!! I will rally all the food brokers up and start getting food together for you guys and snacks for the little ones!! :)

Anonymous said...

Grammy is praying for all of you and that you have some good day's to handle the bad. God is with all of you I am sure.Steph I love you and pray that God be with you!!!!

Beki Rhein said...

Chrissy - Hello, I am one of the nurses in Radiation who has had the amazing opportunity to meet Steph, Scot, the boys and your amazing mother! I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I think about Steph and all her family and friends so often. I pray that God grants great days with lots of laughter for each of you to enjoy. Steph has touched each of our lives in Radiation. She will never be able to grasp the way her courage and strength has effected so many lives.

I hope things are going well with Hospice. They are an amazing resource during situations like Steph's. Please say hello to your mom and Steph. Give them a tight squeeze from me too :-)

In Christ,
Beki Rhein

Anonymous said...


Prayers continue for all of you. Please let us know when would be a good time to deliver food to your family. I left an earlier email as well.
From Ozark HS Girls Basketball
Renee Paulsell

Sheila said...


You have taught others so much over the past few years. Your strength, courage, and amazing ability to perservere has made a lasting impression on the hearts of so many people! I continue to pray for you, Scot,Drew,Levi,Cheryl,My Dad,Chrissy, Jarad, and the rest of the family, to be at peace, feel the love around you today, and for comfort. Garrett prays every night for you as well and his "buddies"! God Bless you~You are So very Special & Dear to Many!
Love you,