Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thanks to Leslie and Greta we have a fundraiser in the works! Come eat dinner at the Mcallister's on Primrose Monday October 8th from 5:00-9:00. All tips plus 10% of ALL sales will be donated to the Stephanie Phillips Foundation. We will also be taking donations. So bring your appetite, your friends, family and neighbors and lets make this a huge success! It seems like only yesterday we were doing this same thing for Drew. I didn't think we would ever have to do it again....but here we are! So I TRIPLE DOG DARE you all to stop by and pack the place out. See you ALL there!!! Oh and THANKS MCALLISTERS!!!!

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Coach Schuster said...

Does anyone know if the Springfield School System has or will consider a sick leave donation bank? Francis Howell School District started a sick leave bank several years ago for employees to voluntarily donate sick days for situations much like this. Stephanie, I'm praying for you and know you will beat it. God Bless!