Monday, September 24, 2007

1st Opinion

Sorry this took a few days to get posted. Steph met with her oncologist from St. John's on Friday to discuss treatment. He said that technically her cancer is in remission. HOWEVER, there is a 90% chance that it will come back so we will proceed with chemo and possibly radiation at some point. He recommended using 2 types of medication for six months and continuing with one of them for up to a year. One of them is called Folfox and the other one has a name....I just don't remember it. I will ask Steph again and get it posted. There is a "chemo class" for patients and their loved ones that they offer. She is there right now with Drew and my parents so I will have more info tonight. I just felt like I have been neglecting my faithful readers lately!! I think they will be leaving tomorrow after Drew gets out of school for St. Louis to get a second opinion about treatments. We just want to make sure that the treatment she will receive will be cutting edge and the most aggressive. Stay tuned for more updates and my list of top 10 reasons why it wouldn't be entirely bad to be bald. Should be a good one!


Natalie said...

We are hopeful about the treatment options and will be thinking about you while you head to St. Louis. I'll see you Thursday evening, when I bring some food to your house. Keep the faith!

Jeremy and Natalie

Dolores said...

I work with your Mom at Skaggs and I just want you to know that there has not been a day go by since I heard about you that I have not held you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. What a remarkable person you are, stay strong. Dolores Rollins