Monday, September 17, 2007

No Worky, Need Sleepy

Well, school was a "no go" today. She is just too tired. We are going to encourage her to stay home this week but she is so nervous about missing so much work because it means no paycheck. We told her that is why we are busting our buns fundraising so that she can focus on getting better! She went to a game last night at The Courts to watch her girls play and realized when she was cheering them on that it's too early to do the coaching thing too. It was really painful for her to yell. She was going today to take little gifts to all of the people she has dealt with so far at different doctors offices because they have been so wonderful and supportive. Nana (aka Joyce, Scots mom) is spending the night tonight to help with Levi. The dude seriously does not sleep! Hopefully she will get some rest tonight.


Sheila said...

Steph, Tonight I will ask God to send down his "sleepy angels" for you! Sweet dreams! Sheila

Robbie said...

Hey Steph,
Just wanted you to know not a day goes by we don't think of you and pray for you. Remember I am only a few doors away and will come at a moments notice. Day or Night, I am yours.

Love and prayers,