Thursday, December 18, 2008

No words.

Wondering where those adorable boys stayed during the appointment today? Well let me tell you. If you recall last time Steph went to Houston she stayed with Kathy and Tim. Kathy's sister Jane flew down with Steph and was so helpful. Well, Kathy and Tim offered their babysitting services so that Scot and my parents could all go. It is so important to have multiple sets of ears during such important appointments. NOW, when I say babysitting services, I don't mean sit and watch them play. I'm talking about playing WITH the boys and truly enjoying them. How do I know this? Because after the appointment Drew said, "Miss Kathy, are you guys going to lunch with us?" She told him she probably would and he replied, "Oh good! You just make my heart so happy!" My mom said they are two of the most amazing people she's met in a LONG LONG time. She said as soon as she looked at Kathy, she just felt the need to hug her. We are a hugging family, but rarely feel the need to hug people we have never met before! I'm not sure that they will EVER know how much we truly appreciate them. The best I could come up with was their very own post!

Tim and Kathy,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of the Phillips family. For once, I am truly having a hard time finding words here. (ask my family how many times that happens!) So here are a few, in no particular order, that come to my mind.

Amazing, friends, saints, blessing, gracious, sweet, awesome, dear, loving, fun, angels, wonderful and sent straight from Heaven.

Love, hugs and prayers,

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Kathy said...

Well, now you and Drew have succeeded in making me cry! Your family is pretty good at that!!
Tim and I feel SO blessed to be able to help Steph.....we just never know who God is going to place in our lives and all of you have certainly touched ours. Thank you for your kind words.....we are so thankful for answered prayers and give God all the glory!! Merry Merry Christmas!! xoxoxoxo