Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Double Duty.

I just heard a funny story. (By funny I mean a little unbelievable.) If you attended the Junior Varsity Lady Chiefs game against Central, you know what I'm talking about. Apparently, there was an oversight on Tuesday regarding the officiating situation for the game. There was no one there to officiate the game! Rather than wait for 30 minutes for someone to show up, Steph decided that she would take matters into her own hands! She was a referee for JV and head coach for varsity. I still can't believe that actually happened!

Let's hope we have refs for the Ozark game tomorrow. I will make sure Big Daddy wears his running shoes just in case! Good Luck tomorrow night girls! The Georges will be there (shamefully for our FIRST game of the season) to cheer you on!!! It's the least we can do since you showed up Saturday morning to watch our daughter sit on Nanny's lap and cry!

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Kathy said...

OMG....Steph amazes me....she just doesn't stop!! WOW!!!