Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Information

Steph received a call from Houston regarding the results of the genetic testing they did. Keep in mind, we were told that it was NOT genetic but the docs in Houston weren't convinced. They did some more research and found that it is in fact a genetic mutation that is to blame for her cancer at such a young age. They call it HNPCC-Lynch syndrome. The only thing that has them puzzled is the fact that no one in Steph's family (that she knows of) has had the types of cancer that would indicate this syndrome and it does not skip generations. Needless to say, they are very interested in her case. This news was received with mixed emotion. Because it is genetic, it is less likely to be a random aggressive cancer, which may make it easier to treat. But, as all of you mothers out there know, you never want to pass anything but love, traditions and heirlooms to your children.

On a lighter note Miss Kathy sent these really great pictures of what the boys did while Steph was at her appointments last month in Houston. Again, we are so thankful to have Tim and Kathy to lighten the load during such a stressful time. Thank you a MILLION times over.

Look at these faces....all three of them!! They are having a blast!

Giddy up Mr. Tim!

Happy Boys.

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