Monday, January 5, 2009

No Chemo Today.

Steph and Mom spent ALL morning waiting to see what Steph's levels looked like. She had been sick last week and just KNEW the shots they were giving her weren't working. She was right. The nurses were completely baffled. They kept telling her, "This NEVER happens." So she won't be having chemo today. They will give her three more shots and she will be doing chemo on Friday which REALLY stinks. Why does it stink you ask? It's Levi's birthday.

They are going to give her a shot on Friday after chemo that is bigger and better than the series of 3 shots she has been getting to keep her levels up. The only problem with that one is that the insurance companies are pretty picky about how they cover it. Maybe it's the $4,000 price tag it comes with. The doctors office is going to call and check it out and they think they will work with them on it.

Continue to pray as God works miracles in Steph's body. I also wanted to wish everyone a happy and HEALTHY 2009! It's a little late but hey....that's how I roll.

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