Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For my mom.


kim said...

Chrissy - How beautiful. I agree with you that your mom is an angel.
We saw that as she cared for Steph and her whole family. I know that she is amazing woman!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Kim Bullard

Andi said...

Your momma is definitely an angel here on this earth! She did so much for Steph and her family. I know this time cannot be easy for any of you but especially your momma so I pray everyday for her strength and comfort. Thanks for sharing this very touching video of an angel.

NanaBoop said...

Couldn't agree with you more about your momma! And I put your Dad right there with her, because he's gone through everything she has. Both of them have given so much of themselves, selflessly sharing their love with everyone else. Kenneth and Cheryl are two of the finest people I have the privilege of knowing!

Summer Sowers said...

Hey, girl, I couldn't get your video to open! So disappointing. It keeps trying to reroute me to you tube and it won't work there either. :(