Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love America 2010

On Sunday Brian and I took the Phillips boys to the I Love America celebration that our church puts on each year. The kids loved the fireworks. Levi fell asleep right in the middle of the big show! I was blessed to spend 4th of July with these precious children. Here are a few pics from our evening together.


Kathy said...

There is only one word for these pics and these littles....PRECIOUS!

As always, thank you for sharing.

Kathy (and Tim)

Candace said...

Ok I love you all so very much and after reading Aunt Cheryls Post I balled...not because I was sad but because its the most amzing story one of Gods love and the paths that he has lead us down. It always helps to hear of those. And I was equally grateful for my aunts story because even tho I am family I wasnt quite sure when Steph came into the picture. I was young and didnt remeber things liek that..I love you all very, very, very,very much.

Anonymous said...

Coach Phillips... you will be missed by all. You were such a great leader and coach. A wonderful woman...... Please watch over your boys everyday!!!

Anonymous said...

Coach Phillips you will always be remembered... i will never forget when you hugged me...crying..for something so little i did to show how much i cared about are the strongest woman..check that the strongest person i motivated me more than any one else i know..and i wasnt even on the girls basketball team..I will never forget you..