Friday, July 16, 2010


It was a beautiful service. Filled with beautiful people and beautiful words. The support was overwhelming. For those who couldn't attend, I wanted to provide some links for you to look at today. But first, I must share with you the most precious part of the day that not many saw.

The Missouri Highway Patrol had the roads blocked off for the funeral procession. As the horse drawn hearse would pass by, they saluted. Drew took notice of this. When we arrived at the cemetery the casket was taken from the hearse. As the pallbearers walked past Drew....he saluted his momma. OH how I wish someone would have snapped a picture. It was a memory that will forever be close to my heart. The boys are doing well. ALL of the kids were exhausted yesterday so it was an early night for all of them. Uncle T (Scot's brother) was there to pick up the boys today for some fun and they were really looking forward to it! Please continue to pray as we all find our new normal.

KSPR 33-Tribute to Coach Phillips

KSPR 33-Honoring the Life of Stephanie (**BEAUTIFUL**)



KOLR 10-Celebrating the Life of Coach Phillips

News-Leader-Michael Stacy

News-Leader-Pam Clark

News-Leader-Matt Schoch

News-Leader-Pam Clark

News-Leader-Pam Clark

Thank you all from the media who have so respectfully and beautifully shared our story with the community. We are so thankful that we will have all of these tributes to someday show Drew and Levi, just what kind of impact their mommy had on this earth.

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Andi said...

It was a beautiful service that captured Stephanie perfectly. My heart breaks for all of her family and close friends. Your story about Drew makes me cry. What precious boys Steph and Scot have. Continuing to pray for you all Chrissy!