Monday, October 1, 2007

2nd opinion

Again, I didn't get this information posted as soon as I would have liked due to the fact that I was magically whisked away to the year 1805 and there was no wireless internet back then. (We spent the weekend in Eureka Springs, AR.) Steph's appointment with the oncologist in St. Louis went very well. She agreed with the treatment plan that Dr. Hoos is going with. That was exactly what we were hoping to hear because now she doesn't have to choose and she can do treatments here without wondering if she made the right decision. She was very compassionate and couldn't believe when she walked in that Steph was sick. She looked at Steph, Scot, Drew and my mom and asked who the patient was. That made Steph feel good but really made my mom wonder about the way she is looking these days! She was baffled as to how and why things like this happen to people like Stephanie.

We did get more info on the side effects of chemo that Steph will have to deal with. We did find out that she will NOT lose her hair. My little Claire will be relieved to hear that because she wants "Steph's hair to stay on HER head!" She will have to deal with the usual stuff such as nausea, mouth sores and other lovely digestive problems. There is one side effect that is the worst one and unfortunately there is no medications to counter it. She will not be able to drink, eat, touch or breathe ANYTHING cold. If she swallows something cold or breathes in cold air it will make her throat feel like it is closing up. If she touches anything cold (including but not limited to anything in the fridge or freezer, cold water, doorknobs, car door handles, steering wheel, seat belts, car seat buckles, the mailbox etc.) without gloves on it will make her skin tingle and go numb. The really bad part is that if she loses feeling in her hands or feet there is a chance that it won't come back...ever. Needless to say, Steph will be sporting a hat, gloves and a scarf all winter. So think nothing of it if you see her in the frozen foods section at the grocery store dressed like an Eskimo! It looks like she will be starting chemo next week. We think that she will go in on Wednesdays and they will give her the "fanny pack" to wear until Friday I believe. (You all know I will be loading up on "fanny pack" jokes between now and next week.) Then they said the side effects will kick in by the weekend.

For my worker bees that are bringing dinner, I think the schedule will stay the same. It has been working wonderfully and Steph is so thankful to everyone who has and will be bringing meals. It has been so nice for her to have one less thing to worry about. I am working on November-January right now so e-mail me if you want to be added to the list or are up for another meal! We have been doing 3 meals per week and it has been great. Thank you all for being so flexible and easy to work with. It was quite a project that I created for myself but is running so smoothly thanks to the cooperation of everyone. You are all so sweet for doing this! Thanks from Steph, Scot and Drew. Levi will thank you in a few months when he is able to eat something besides pureed food and fruit puffs! By the way, Levi is REALLY close to walking! Sadly, he is closer than Cohen. You know Cohen, my 35 pound 1 year old. Oy. It won't be long and he will be EVERYWHERE!!

By the way, I know you were all looking forward to the "Top 10" list. I may just change the topic since Steph will be keeping her beautiful locks, but it may take me a while to come up with a new list. Stay Tuned!

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