Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chuck Taylors.

In 2006, we took a girls trip to Las Vegas. My mom, Steph and I spent a few days stuffing ourselves, shopping and watching all of the March Madness games that were on. I truly think you haven't experienced March Madness until you have done it Vegas style! Watching one of the games on the HUGE screen at Ceasar's Palace was awesome....but not as awesome as the look on some guys face when he saw Steph's bracket and heard her rattle off reasons why she picked the teams she picked. He thought she was just another cute girl with a bracket based on the color of the uniforms and who she thought was good looking. We had a great time, made LOTS of memories and even learned something new about Steph. THAT is a story in itself and someday I may share it with you was a pretty amazing story. The last day we were there, we went into this shoe store where I purchased my first pair of Chuck Taylors. It only took me a few years to convince my family that EVERYONE needed a pair! Soon, all the kids had them and Steph purchase a pair for herself and Scot. Ashley jumped on the bandwagon, but my parents and Jarad still refuse. Even Brian ended up with a pair! I'm sure many of you remember this picture I took at state this spring.She got up that morning and her toe was hurting her so bad. The thought of wearing dress shoes did not excite her so she decided her Chucks would have to do. Suddenly, she became KNOWN for those Chucks. They remind us of her now. I was SO excited when I got the chance (thanks Big Daddy!) to design my own pair on the Converse website. I went with red and black, because those are our school colors....and I am NEVER moving again. I personalized them in honor of my dear friend.

And apparently...the idea is catching on! These were designed by Miss Amanda who was a senior on Steph's team last year!
Personally, I think this is a great idea for Christmas presents. (I am not advertising here, I just LOVE these shoes!) But if you do happen to make your own....send me pics. I would love to have a gallery posted of everyone's Chucks. Here is a link. Follow this link to check out the shoes I just created on You can change them up to make them yours, it's really quite fun!

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