Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He gives and takes away....not always in that order.

In our case, He is giving AFTER He took away. Our family is overjoyed at the thought of a new baby girl to love and spoil. My little brother and his beautiful wife will welcome a sweet little girl into the world sometime in March. My mom said this, "My forever friend, Steph has been gone 4 months now. I miss her. I wanted so bad to be able to call her and tell her that my baby boy is going to have a baby girl. She knows."

I can picture what her reaction would be because I've seen it...three times. She would be excited. She would be there in March, standing outside the door with us as we listen for her first cries. Just another thing we have to do without her physically here....but another thing we KNOW she is watching and will forever be a part of.

Congratulations Jarad, Ashley and Alivia! We can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl!

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