Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drew had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to share the pictures we have. It really was a beautiful day. But until then, I have to share this story.

Last night, Claire and I were in her bedroom putting the finishing touches on her Christmas tree. Our conversation went like this:

Claire-"Oh momma, when my tree is all decorated, my lights are on, my room is clean and I have my Christmas music feels like I'm in Heaven."

Me-"Awww, is that what you think Heaven will be like?"

Claire-"I think Heaven is whatever you want it to be like."

Me-"Do you think Steph will have Christmas lights in Heaven?"

Claire-"Yes I do. And I think she is going to have the BEST Christmas EVER this year!"

Me-"Oh really? Why do you say that?"

Claire-"Because she gets to celebrate Jesus' birthday WITH HIM!"

Through my tears I thanked God for my precious girl, hugged her tight...and gave her a giant bowl of ice cream because how on EARTH do you say no to a child who just said THAT????

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