Monday, November 1, 2010

Drew's Day at the Dentist!

We have the most amazing family dentist. He is kind, caring and makes going to the dentist easy! He has been a part of our world for years. In fact, he was at my wedding!! He has an amazing staff and we love them all too. They ALL are always so kind and fun when we go in and always offered up sweet prayers on our behalf. We love it at Dr. Ryen's office! Since we started making babies around here, we knew that they would go to Dr. Ryen as well. Claire and Drew have each had the unfortunate experience of a cavity. I dreaded Claire's filling appointment so much I made Big Daddy take her...only to get a call after the appointment saying that she went right in, plopped down and never made a peep! SO, we knew Drew would do great. Thankfully, Nanny captured some of the highlights!


rachel said...

We go to Dr.Ryen, too. He's so sweet with my kids!

Marvin said...

If my dentist is like Dr. Ryen, then I won't be scared. After all, you all love him as your family dentist, right? And the best souvenir is that you were able to capture Drew's day at the dentist.

Marvin Will